Each visitor is allowed (through the Border):

  • Tobacco: 400 cigarettes or 100 small cigars or 50 big cigars or 250grm of loose tobacco
  • Alcohol: 1lt of spirits and 2.25lt of wine
  • Perfume: 50ml of perfume
  • Medication: reasonable quantities for personal use
  • Other articles not exceeding 50US$.

Narcotics and pornographic material are prohibited

Transport of arms must have a special license


The local currency is the metical.
Dollars and Rands are accepted in many places.
Exchange is easily available in banks and exchange agencies.
Credit Cards and Traveler’s cheques are accepted in most establishments.


In the North and along the coast, the climate is tropical and humid.
In the Interior, South and the Province of Tete the climate is tropical and dry.
In the Gaza district, the climate is tropical and arid.
The rainy season is between October and April, with temperatures between 27 and 29 degrees.
The dry season is between May and September with temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees.

Restaurants in the area

Nascer Do Sol – about 5km from East Africa Safaris, accessible with a normal vehicle.
Paradise Magoo – about 3km from East Africa Safaris, accessible with 2×4 and 4×4 only.
Paraiso De Chidenguele – about 35km from East Africa Safaris, accessible with 2×4 and 4×4 only.
Zona Braza – 2.5 km from East Africa Safaris.

What not to forget

Bring enough drinking water.
Bring enough food and drinks for your stay
If you choose a casa with a television, please remember your DSTV card.


Prawns and other fish products can be bought in Xai Xai.
Pau’s and other delicatessens can also be bought in Xai Xai.

Also in the area

You can also visit the nearby Paradise View Resort

  • Self-catering casa's and chalets ranging between 6 - 16 sleepers
  • Whole resort sleeps 150 people
  • Credit card facilities
  • Medical facilities on site
  • 24 hour security guards man the entrances to the resort as well as circulating guards and alarm systems with response in case of an emergency
  • Full Vodacom signal and GPRS for Internet
  • 24 hour electricity and backup generators in case of power outage
  • Clean water
  • Ice and charcoal available at reception
  • Boat and fishing licences available at reception