East Africa Safaris is about 800 km from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

From Nelspruit, continue on the N4, passing Malelane & Komatipoort, till you reach the Lebombo Border Post.  From here it’s 355 km to East Africa Safaris.

From the border, keep straight to Maputu. Follow the road north to Xai Xai / Inhambane.

You will pass the following big towns en route to Xai Xai:

  • Manhica
  • Macia

From the Limpopo Bridge, 31 km from the petromac garage in Xai-Xai to the East Africa Safaris  turnoff on your right.

The last town you will pass before the turnoff  is Nhamavilla.

Look out for the following sign posts:

  • Distrito de Manjecaze (on your left)
  • East Africa Safaris (on your right)

Turn off to your right and follow the dirt-road for 6.5 km to the reception.  Keep left on this road.




GPS Coordinates

S25º 01.229

E34º 00.495

Important Road Tips

  • The trip from Maputu to East Africa Safaris  (250km) takes on average 3 to 4 hours.
  • Money should not be exchanged with the locals at the border. Please use the exchange bureau just before the border, at the BP Garage.
  • At the border you will need valid Passports for everyone in the party.
  • In addition, you will need copies of your vehicle’s registration.
  • Please drive a bit slower than the speed limits in the towns.
  • It is advisable to rather give a copy of your Drivers’ License, and not your original License, to a traffic officer.